Installing New Versions - How to update

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Post by maestro » Sat Dec 22, 2007 10:06 am

Check for new versions on the website with menu option Help/Program Updates.

You can install new versions over your old version or install new versions to a separate folder. If you keep and use multiple versions, you might have to edit your windows shortcuts. The latest version will load all your musette music files, but older versions may not properly load files created with later versions. You’ll see a warning if you try to load a newer file.

Musette is non-invasive and doesn’t require special setup or rebooting. It can even run directly from a CD.

MusSetup.exe is a Windows installer that includes an uninstall option and installs the special music font file for use with other Windows programs.

MusUnzip.exe just puts all the files into your selected folder. You’ll have to create or edit Windows shortcuts yourself, and if you want to use the ttf music font file with other programs, you must copy it to your Windows font folder yourself.

You can move or delete Musette files but you must keep required files in the same folder as musette.exe. Required files are all files distributed together in MusSetup.exe or MusUnzip.exe.

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